About Us

Grey City believes in timeless design & true quality. Our vision for footwear comes out of what we've been wanting to see for a long time: timeless style, crafted in small runs, with high attention to quality. We are committed to developing effortless, go-to styles for the individual that values the subtle details. Our close-knit team works carefully to create styles that you will not only love, but will love wearing for a long time.

Grey City started in 2012 as a shared vision to create sustainable shoes for the independent, style forward woman. Operating out of Seattle, co-founders Vikki Andrews & Kyle Grant continue to produce collections that do just that. With ambition at their side and the ability to capitalize on the core strengths of their vision, the Seattle team extends their passions directly in to their product, creating a better shoe for tomorrow. Our shoes are of the utmost quality to withstand the ins & outs of your daily life, a wardrobe staple that's in it for the long haul.